Size Guide

The purpose of the following size tables is to try and give you a guideline and aid you with your choices when ordering equipment from the Simba Sports Products. The measurements are close approximations and act as a guideline only, based on typical customer sizes for the majority of items that we stock.

If you are in doubt about any of the sizes please don't hesitate to (contact us)[/contact] and we will be happy to advise you further.

Cricket Bat Sizes

The following table outlines the approximate sizes of each bat. All cricket coaches would agree that a bat which is too big for a player limits their ability to successfully play a wide range of shots.

Size of BatLength of BatTypical Height of PlayerTypical Age
Size 127"4' to 4'3"4 to 5
Size 228"4'3" to 4'6"6 to 7
Size 329"4'6" to 4'9"8
Size 430"4'9" to 4'11"9 to 10
Size 531"4'11" to 5'2"10 to 12
Size 632"5'2" to 5'4"12 to 13
Harrow33"5'4" to 5'8"13 to 15
SH33½"5'8" to 6'4"+15 to Adult
LH34½"6'4"+15 to Adult

Clothing Sizes

Small22"22" to 24"
Medium24" to 26"26" to 28"
Large26" to 28"30" to 32"

Small28" to 30"34" to 36"
Medium30" to 32"38" to 40"
Large32" to 34"42"
X Large36" to 38"44"